Local Movers Near Me

Hiring flat rate movers near me for your local move is a great idea. The flat rate is the same as getting a binding estimate from the mover, and most experts agree this is usually easier for the customer. You can break down a flat rate bid into an hourly rate to see how it stacks up against another vendor’s offer or ask the competitor provide a guaranteed not to exceed quote to be considered for the work. One thing to add is that moving companies, including Monster Movers, have to abide by rates filed within their state. This eliminates moving companies charging one customer less than another.

Long Distance Movers Near Me

When you compare prices for a long distance move, it’s helpful to understand the different types of moving quotes you may get from long distance moving companies. There are binding, non-binding, and binding not to exceed bids. A binding estimate means that the price is form — it won’t change unless you add items to the shipment or request additional services. This is the equivalent of a flat rate price. A nonbinding estimate is a forecast of the final cost, based on the mover’s prediction of the shipment’s weight. If the weight is higher, the price will be higher, and if it is lower, the price will go down. The binding not to exceed price won’t go up but could be reduced if the weight is less than predicted. Most long distance movers near me will not give a non-binding quote and if they do, it’s a red flag. Always opt for a flat rate when moving out of state. Learn more about long distance movers.

In-Town Movers

Most local movers have minimum charges for the time but not for the distance involved. Even if you need something moved next door or within your own home, you can still hire a great moving company to do the work. The mover may have a four-hour minimum, although some can accept a two-hour project if they have time available. Hiring a mover to manage a short distance full residence move is sensible for many people as well. If you are moving a short distance, it’s still simpler to have a professional do the hard work of loading and unloading instead of struggling to get it done on your own. With a short distance between origin and destination, the time and transit charges will also be much less. Learn more about local movers.

Flat Rate Movers Costs

A flat rate quote from movers should be based on a visual survey of the shipment, and like any other price, should be submitted in writing. Ask the moving company to complete an onsite inspection of your household goods and explain the basis of the fixed price. For example, if they give you a fee of $1,000, ask how they arrived at that amount. Does that mean they need five hours for the work, at $200 per hour? Or is the company expecting to be done in three or four hours, in which case the per hour cost is higher.

When To Hire Flat Rate Movers?

Flat rate movers usually book at least a few weeks in advance so make sure you aren’t waiting until the last minute to hire. You can get a online quote that is determined by your moving company after an in-home or virtual assessment of the size of your space, and the amount and type of furniture that needs to be moved. If you’re planning a cross-country or interstate move, or simply moving a greater distance such as several hours from your current location, a flat rate is generally the right choice. Many local movers will give an hourly rate and flat rate travel time. This is common but make sure at least the travel time is flat-rated, you don’t want to pay for your movers while they sit in traffic. Additional items that can cause a change in price would be oversized items ( piano, hot tub), hoisting, packing, or overnight storage. Learn more about overnight storage.


If you are considering flat rate movers near me, you can feel confident hiring Monster Movers. Our professional moving crews at Monster Movers to provide you with quality moving services at competitive prices. We offer both hourly and flat rates with all of your services included, depending on the circumstances surrounding your move. Please check our Monster Movers Reviews. Here’s some reasons why you should consider Monster Movers for your next move:

  • Monster Movers will blanket wrap and shrink wrap everything that we move to ensure its full protection during transport, at no additional cost to you
  • All locations are private with no van line, broker or franchise affiliation — family owned and operated since 1999.
  • No third party fees allow us to keep moving costs affordable
  • Our movers are background checked, trained and speak English
  • Moving Crews always come prepared with the appropriate equipment such as couch covers, dollies, 4 wheelers, bands, tape, steamed moving blankets
  • Our high-quality tools can quickly and efficiently disassemble and reassemble your furniture and place it where you like
  • All of our moving costs are completely transparent



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